TauRIS is a pioneer of clocking systems for the racing pigeon sport. We help numerous individuals and clubs to have seamless clocking, creating race reports automatically in WinSpeed for club races. Be sure to watch the you-tube videos on the downloads page.

TauRIS also has the TauRIS Derby System for One Loft Races (OLR). The TauRIS Derby System can handle 10,000 racing pigeons and is the favorite system of Win-Companion.

Our business philosophy here at TauRIS LLC is to provide excellent customer service experience for people engaged in pigeon racing whether it is for club racing or One Loft Racing where we expect to make customers for life.

Many of our products are offered online. Click on the products page to order securely online. If there is something you need or a custom cable contact us. You can reach us through our email: taurishrvatska@gmail.com or our phone number at +385 (91) 22 23 394.

Send us a simple message and we will respond with urgency. We are excited to hear from you and help.